Your company’s success depends on your automation strategy

Across all industries the question is building a resilient future for your company, which includes the right technology framework to connect with your partners. Our integration services offer powerful, yet easy-to-use solutions ideal to automate the handling, processing and direct integration of your Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) communications. This transformation offers cost and time-effective solutions that meet global standards and free capacity, and lets you concentrate on your business’ future

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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) replaces traditional manual B2B communications and uses a standardized and secure format/channel to process and send information electronically. The transfer of information is reduced to a protected channel (application) which can connect multiple partners and information can be processed in real-time with the highest accuracy.. Automation will increase reliability, speed and transparency of communication between business partners at any scale for less expense.

With automation and real-time control of information you can concentrate on your real tasks!

Based on the volume of business communication with your trading partners, we plan and design a suitable solution. With our specialist you enter confidently the future of your business: from onboarding to training and maintenance we support your staff and your partners.

We have a comprehensive solution for B2B, B2C or even B2G invoicing, where the workflow is designed and implemented according to any sector specific needs and more importantly: your planned progress. With a custom PKI/EDI/E-invoice integration and archiving system or WST’s myPayFlow, you can store and manage all sorts of corporate documents easily in a single, searchable system, which provides access to all business partners, guarantees easy access, real-time tracking and the immutability of the stored documents.

Grow your network and let automation do the work for you!

Document conversions, format interpretation, approval and processing are done faster without manual intervention. Our future-proof solutions can be easily adjusted to the volume of communication: our system will provide clear, correct invoices with small, medium or even large companies anywhere in the world.

Utilize automation to develop business connections and save money! Our solutions are tailored to your progress! Check out our solutions for industry-specific needs!

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Our solutions are tailored to your progress!

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